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Discussion in 'Computers' started by veevee, Dec 5, 2013.

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    Just used our Playbook exclusively for over 2 weeks and have to say in the main it did all we bought it for. We do have a lot of email so I found touch typing slow and a little wearing, but the surprise upside was the cameras were far better than I anticipated and very versatile.

    The problem arose trying to upload 190 photos onto our desktop via a USB connection, the desktop and Playbook would connect fully with each other.

    Also have a Blackberry Bold phone and there were a few of photos on that so tried using the same connection method to upload those to the desktop, it all went as easy and slick as you hope it will with the same Blackberry Desktop software downloaded for the Playbook.

    Is this a general problem with the Playbook or is there just a problem with my Playbook?

    In trying to sort out the problem/use the repair software and managed to wipe all the custom settings we had made and more importantly all the photos are gone too, so nervous about using this for anything more serious than reading email.

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    Open a free account there.
    Send via wifi into it then you can access the pictures from any other device .

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