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Feb 28, 2016
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Hi we are thinking of touring the Black forest, starting from the tunnel.
Looking for where to head for, we have a month.
Advice on where to go what to see, Aires, Stelaplatz.
This will be in early August.


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Jan 8, 2013
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My Favourite route south through Germany is to pick up the E40/42 in Dunkirk to Aachen via Charleroi. Turn off at Junction 2 just as it enters Germany and head directly south to Monschau a town unchanged since a 1700. Then south again to the Mosel at Cochem. Tour the Mosel to Boppard and a ferry across the Rhine. For me there is not much to see on the Rhine so either side will do. There are ferries at various spots down to the south. South to Rüdesheim am Rheine and then I would head for Lindau on the Bodensee. You’re now in my favourite part of Germany, Bavaria and the Tyrol into Austria. There are many place to stop anywhere in Germany and plenty of Stellplatze if needs be.

Other popular visits are a lap of the old Nurburging and the science museums at Technik Museum Speyer and Sinsheim
Nov 3, 2013
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If you can,try to see Lake Konigsee? you can catch a boat that will take you to various spots around the Lake,its a regular service,so you can hop off one at any of the landings and catch a later one to continue. 2. Kehlsteinhaus. Hitlers Mountain retreat (Parking for m/ho's) and Swachenhaus? Falls on the borders of Germany and Switzerland. There is so much more,but these stand out in my memory. Went to Neushastein ? Chitty Chitty bang bang Castle.. but arrived to late and needed to be somewhere else next day..Parking there and some. Enjoy.
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Aug 18, 2009
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Take a look at the romantic road and the german alpine road. A bit south of where you are headed, but great back ups if the weather isnt quite as good further north.
Otherwise sticking to the Rhine and Moselle will see you well happy with aires, stellplatzes and other types of stopovers for easily less than a tenner each night. You can easily pop between countries as well to enjoy the alsace villages such as Eguisheim or towns like Colmar. You wont struggle for overnight places with the right app and SFS campercontact or park4night are fairly equal in terms of information so it is personal preference.
I would definitely head through Luxembourg and make Remich my first stop to stay free of charge next to the Moselle and fill up with cheap fuel. Wait til youre in Germany to buy the beer and wine though. We enjoyed Trier around that time of year and a huge, i mean huge, music festival, Bad Durkheim was very nice as well.
Having done both routes mentioned above, I would not pay to go into the castles again. The views are from the outside and having seen one you have seen them all. If only seeing one then on Lake Chiemsee there is a Ludwig ii castle which was the best of the 3. Neuschwanstein (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) is the one to head for though for the envy making photos and Fussen is the place to stay with a lovely town

Whatever you decide, Enjoy

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Feb 22, 2008
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Our main stay was at Camping Belchenblick at Staufen, nice site with a bar and small restaurant, occasional entertainment and a swimming pool close by and on checking in they gave us free rail and bus transport for the duration to travel in the Black Forest region.
Staufen is a 15 minute walk , a typically German small town with with rail and bus links.
We did hire a car through the local garage and travelled into Switzerland and Schaffhausen and the Rhein Falls, impressive, also Stein am Rhein a beautiful Swiss town and a place to get a genuine Swiss Army knife.
A cuckoo clock from Titisee and the lake and also a visit to Lake Constanz.
Another place to visit by train was Heidelberg and the castle with beautiful views from its elevated location.
The food drink and hosts were fabulous.
Sep 12, 2016
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We are heading Moselle Valley via Netherlands first and we are going to Wuppertal so I can do some track bashing (train nerd speak for riding on new railways) from Luxemberg we are heading to the Med then Twin Lakes

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