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    Jul 25, 2007
    I've mentioned in a couple of threads about my Dell lappy running hot.. and by what I've read on the support forum, a common complaint ..
    It's been back to Dell for 'repair' but there was little improvement .. even when idling the core temperatures are about 65c
    I should add, I always use my laptop on the desk with a cool pad without a fan.

    Today I bought a Belkin Cooling Stand.. this has a fan that blows air over the bottom of the case, it uses the USB as a power supply ...

    I am pleased to report that the idle temperature has dropped to about 50c and when on full load about 85c .. I tested this using the Dell stress test ..

    The pad is quite well made with two long rubber strips to hold the lappy, the fan is of course audible but no more than the lappy fan when running at full speed..

    Pleased and well worth the eleven quid ..

    Belkin F5L001ER Laptop Cooling Stand
    From PC World, Amazon, etc

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