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Sep 9, 2014
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Summer 2014
I've been using a small family run independent tyre retailer whose given me sound advice, excellent service and value for my hard earned. Told him to price me up a set of either Michelin or Continnental camper tyres...more than happy to take my cash for what he considers overpriced tyres that are equalled or bettered by "lesser" brands. He's suggested using Falkens (can't remember the tyre designation) ...same load rating as the old Michelins.

Talking to him about tyres pressures, he tell's the 75psi that's on the door shut label is wrong , very wrong! Fully accept that having read a recent post that listed pressures according axle loads. I need to visit a weigh bridge - my local one is out of action.

As a guide for now has anyone got an AT Dakota who's got axle weights and could let me know what pressures they're running please? I don't suppose it would make a lot of difference if it was a similar sized van...I do know that everyone loads their van differently, I'd just like to be running my new tyres at a sensible pressure and not the arbitrary figure arrived by AT!

Edit to add tyre size 215/75R16 with a load rating of 111/113Q


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