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    Hi there.We will soon be collecting our pre loved Motorhome ( Autosleeper Rienza )This is our first Motorhome, and we know we have a lot to learn.Would like to talk to other Rienza owners, to compare notes and gain help and advice.First question: If you were to need spares for the Rienza, where, or who would you contact?Things like, new light lenses, cupboard door catches, pumps, etc etc.Also, with the Rienza, I believe the liesure battery is under the drivers seat.We think this is a 80ah battery, does anybody know if there is a battery of the same dimentions but with a bigger AH that would fit under the seat safely?If not, has anybody added an extra battery elsewhere,and how have you managed it?Thank you in antisipation.Bill & Lorraine.
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    Hope all goes well on the collection:thumb:

    Light lenses.......... Chassis maker
    Pumps........... Us (Fiamma)
    Catches...... Converter but unusual to need.
    Battery.... 110 amp are bigger!

    Dont worry, just enjoy!

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    Hi Peter.

    Thank you for your reply.
    Thats a bit more knowlage we have::bigsmile:

    Your right of course........ok.....wont worry::bigsmile:

    Bill & Lorraine:Smile:
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