Are you planning on camping again this year?

Discussion in 'Rally Planning Discussion and Chat' started by Bryan, Aug 28, 2008.

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    If you are, why not put it in the calendar as a a meet?

    If you don't know what I'm talking about, read on...:BigGrin:

    What is a meet? Simply put it is when two or more members camp on the same site at the same time.

    A meet does not need to be some semi-official club gathering like we have at the motorhome shows. It may be nothing more than you just saying "
    Hey, we're booked into such-and-such a campsite for the weekend of 27th-29th, why don't you join us?"

    Often, members will decide where to go by looking at the calendar and seeing if anybody else has got anything planned for that weekend :thumb:

    How do you put a 'meet' up? Simple. Put an entry in the calendar putting some details in there (Campsite address, costs etc.) Then start a thread in the 'Rallies & Meets' forum.

    If other decide to go they usually reply to your thread and you can then edit your calendar entry to add a list of attendees.

    If you need any help with this there are enough members on here who have already put meets up so just ask the question and I'm sure they will help you as much as they can.

    And remember, there's nothing lost in putting a meet in the calendar if no-one else goes, because YOU were going anyway :Rofl1::Wink:

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