Anyone motorhomed in Puglia, Italy?

Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by hymie, Aug 22, 2008.

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    Hi! Does anyone have experience of motorhoming in Puglia in south Italy? If so - any tips? Is the south as safe as the rest of Italy? Thanks!
  2. superk


    Aug 22, 2007
    Yes we did the toe, heel ankle and the whole foot and up the East Coast on our way back from Sicily last Feb/March fo about thre weeks.

    We enjoyed it greatly - different to the rest of Italy. Avoided Bari on local advice but natives very friendly and welcoming and keen motorhomers - although to be honest we only ever saw one other motorhome and it was Italian so we wild camped together and they showed us the town where we parked.

    We had lots of warning about kidnappings and interior roads with no signposts so you easily get lost in some areas - think more round the toe of Italy. Ultra cautious when this guy backed his car up to our bumper when parked for the night on the seaside. Just wanted to say hello - keen motorhomer - wouldn't you like to park on my land in the mountains? No thanks. Came back the next day - difficult to refuse - followed him up the narrow mountain roads (no signposts) and he did have a plot of land, his own big motorhome and was building a house.

    I asked him what everybody in the village and town worked at. 'Nobody works. - but they all have a new car every year!'
    'Why isn't the flyover above the village finished?'
    'Well every year we get enough EU money to put up a few more railings then the money runs out - it just seems to dissapear. - Nobody wants the flyover anyway it will never get finished - but we get the money every year.'

    And lots more stories so I think you know whose running things down there.

    No problems wild camping or finding sostas or macerias (farms that let rooms out - just ask they will often let you park there if you don't need any services and for free).

    I know your'e going to ask me where we stayed etc but I'm too busy writing the book about it at the moment and haven't got to that bit yet so it's buried in my notebooks.


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