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Jan 5, 2009
Chillington Devon
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Just arrived at Newbury with a stowaway. Took 150 miles of a 170 mile trip to appear. Fresh egg for breakfast. Seems happy enough with it’s temporary home and the free cat food given away in the Warner’s bag.


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Sep 6, 2014
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Years ago my company was shipping magnets from Mitcham to CERN on the swiss border ( huge collider place) and there was an accident with a truck carrying hundreds of crated chickens which ditched the lot. When our driver got passed the mess he saw a chicken run after him and it actually jumped up on the rear axle of the trailer sitting on the airbrake actuator. It stayed for a long time until he stopped and it would jump off run around feeding and when he started it would run back and jump on again. all the way to the French Swiss border when he was clearing the customs noticed it, and said it cannot be carried over the border so he drove over the border leaving it behind BUT it ran over the border and jumped back on its perch. At Cern it was still there and photos were taken of a VERY DIRTY and scruffy hen for the in house magazine. I do not know the fate of the travelling bird but it wasnt going to eaten on a french table. Makes me wonder what the motivation was, It must have been a layer because the beak was snipped short, to stop fighting for a pecking order in the cages.
Before you lot start shouting ,fake, it is really true and made the major papers later in the UK.

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