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    I have been following this since it started and it is getting Hillarious.

    There is a website called funnyjunk that allows users to post cartoons and other funny pictures.

    A cartoonist got fed up of all his work being stolen and the attribution changed but rather than taking it through the courts he took the pee out of the site.

    1 year later he got a legal demand for $20,000 for defamation etc.

    Rather than pay it or go to court he setup a fundraiser for 2 charities. He was trying to raise $20,000 which he was going to take a picture of and send to funnyjunk with an F you message. Then send the money on to charity. He raised $200,000 for the two charities......

    The lawyer responsible for the letter then sued the cartoonist, the crowdfunding site, the 2 charities, registrars, news sites plus many others.

    The guy is basically batshit crazy to use a phrase that is doing the rounds.

    His wife is nuts and blabs all kinds of crazy stuff and threatens anyone and everyone.

    It is hillarious to watch the American legal system being abused like this and none of the defendents backing down.

    This is just a quick brush over of the story so far. There are loads of other bits that have happened and more is coming out almost daily.

    This is a legal commentary site that covers the filings so far. (read from the bottom)

    The reporting and members comments are brilliant on this news site.

    This article is a few days old now so more has happened since so it is worth looking at the other articles that have been published.

    Oatmeal is the website where this all started. You will need to read backwards to get to the start of the operation bearlove good cancer bad campaign...

    Seriously this is worth reading back over for a laugh and keeping up with :thumb::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

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