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Discussion in 'Heating and Air-Conditioning' started by Heyupluv, May 7, 2011.

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    WE have the Alde heating fitted to the new motorhome....Question, Does anybody have the Alde heating fitted and is anybody running there Alde heating on Auto gas....
    Also has any person purchased there autogas in France, Spain, and Portugal, and not just in the I understand it that in the hotter parts of europe they use more Butane in the mix than what is used in the uk.....It is just that the Alde instructions book says Autogas is NOT to be used........

    Another Question, is there any difference in the lightweight alumgas refillable and Gaslow..

    apart from the weight difference, a is anybody using the alumgas and what is your opinion...
    Does anybody know of a dealer that fits alumgas on or near route from Folkstone Bridlington in Yorkshire

    Also what would the cost be for 2 x 11kg bottles and a outside connection...fitted.

    Thank you Mel
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    hi we have the alde heating on ours its great.
    we also have a single 11 kg gaslow.
    it seems to be ok on the autogas not had any problems with it at all.
    i have found it can be very greedy on gas in the cold months but that depends on how warm you want it inside your motorhome.
    if you set the control panel at about 25c before driving the pump will run and warm the rear of the van and the water whilst on the move however if its off or already up to temp whilst driving it wont do anything unless the circulation pump is running.

    there should be a switch somewhere else in the van for the heat exchanger engine pump to heat the engine whilst stood in winter.

    once you have got used to it its great.
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    I think, Dave Newall Does the Alugas, He is in Telford, so not much of a detour, you could use the M6 instead of the M1. pm him,
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    UK / Spain
    Hi Mel, we have filled in France / Germany and in 5 years only had one problem with gas, that was last year in Germany September / October mostly butane me thinks. :Doh:

    I cant help on the Alde heating. :Smile:

    Refillable bottles, we had Gaslow for 3 years, and have changed to Alugas bottles, same bottles and half the weight. :thumb:

    We got ours here:

    your best bet is here if your going to Yorkshire.

    Autogas 2000 Ltd, Carlton Miniott, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 4NJ

    :thumb: Bob.

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