Alan..Oi.... Portugal..Funsters..

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    Alan if you are on route this way.....the site has been full for the past three days
    BUT tomorrow 4 are leaving...:BigGrin::BigGrin:..just thought I would let you know.....

    But Hey keep this information to yourselff....:Wink::Wink:

    BBQ would need to book it..some drinks incuded in the meal...

    Happy hour has just gone on at the bar 2pm till 6pm at the it something I said, the site has emptied and the pool is full:Doh::Rofl1::Rofl1:


    Sorry about the blue skies funsters and HOT HOT SUN....but....i am not sure how to photo edit to ADD black skies and make it look like the UK

    That is Salopian.....Steve flying the funster Itinerants please.....

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