Adrian Flux renewal time, worth writing a letter or sending an email

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    May 21, 2015
    Kerry, Powys
    Because I hate the way that companies such as Adrian Flux undertake their business at renewal times and send you a page along with your renewal quotation which states they will beat any other renewal quotations etc.

    So knowing my policy was up for renewal at the end of the month I sent them an email in which I stated my Customer Ref. No. etc.
    I advised them that I would like them to send me a quotation for the renewal of my policy, I also advised them that I would be obtaining 4 other quotations and whichever company came in with the best price, I would be placing my business with them. I advised them that I wouldn't be offering them the chance of submitting another quotation and as such I advised them to quote their best possible price in the first instance.

    Today I received my renewal quotation from them and am very pleased to say that it is a very considerable £50 less than last years policy cost with them!

    I now can't be even bothered to check their price against another company..


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