Adria Coral S660SL - Water Inlet Flap

Discussion in 'Adria' started by arthur49, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. arthur49


    Oct 24, 2009
    Perth, Scotland
    Anyone have a problem on their m/h with the plastic flap lifting and flapping whilst driving? Looks like it could be pulled off in the wind.
    My dealer tells me its a common flaw and he'll replace it but the new one will very quickly go the same way.
    Anybody found a solution and if so how?
    (I tried bluetack but its not strong enough)
    Otherwise we LOVE our m/h.
  2. Kon tiki

    Kon tiki

    Oct 11, 2007
    North Wales
    We had the same problem on our Adria Izola, was told the same story :Angry:. They did send me a new one & I fitted it, this lasted about a month then started flapping again. When I had it in for the habitation check I told them about it, the guy fixed but said he didn't know how long it would last :RollEyes:. He showed me what to do, use a heat gun on a low setting on the bit on the flap which is meant to hold it & bend it a bit to tighten it up. Do it very carefully or you will melt it, but it just needs a bit of gentle heat to bend it then wait until it cools.

    I drove around for ages having to put tape on to hold it. I don't know why the water filler is such a problem, the electrical hook up is a similar flap & this is fine. :RollEyes:

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