A FUN experience!

Feb 10, 2013
Romford, Essex
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A Motorhome Fun Experience

Apologies for late post. Spent last weekend at the Kent Show at Detling. I've been to loads of shows, but as I usually travel together with another Motorhomer who isn't a member, I've never rallied with Funster's before. This time, I decided to take the plunge!

This time, due to the missus being on holiday in Spain with her widowed sister, I decided to book anyway and travel on my Jack Jones. Having never rallied ever AND being solo, I approached the weekend apprehensively. I needn't have worried! As I pulled onto the showground, I was guided to two yellow high-flying FUN flags fluttering in the breeze. So; where do I park? Is that pitch someone else's? What do I do now?

Smiling broadly, a lady hurried over from the MH FUN marquee. It was the warmest of welcomes. Although I didn't know the lady at the time, it was Sian - Jim's wife. She gave me a welcome pack and directed me over to hub' Jim who shepherded me onto a pitch, pointed out toilets, water etc. Sorted!

It was a fab weekend and without giving a chapter and verse account, faces behind the forum posts were made flesh. There were youngsters, olds, kids and motorhomes of all shapes and size. Not all the chat was about motorhomes either. It was nice to just to natter; just to sit in the sun and chew the rag.

My 'neighbours', Be-Well, Clive, Les and others ensured that there were no dull moments! Had a chat to 'Scousebird', Graham, Gail, 'Ourcampersbeentrashed' and so many others. Jim and Sian worked tirelessly over the weekend for all and Jim even managed (somehow) to get some mains leccy to charge my mobile phone.

If anyone out there is wondering whether or not to join in one of these rallies, just do it! There's no silly ceremony, just turn up. You can sit outside your 'van, do your own thing, wander and chat - whatever.

Thanks for the great time all.



Jul 19, 2007
Sutton on Sea, UK
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I'm glad you enjoyed yourself James. And thanks for posting about your first 'Funster' experience. What you describe is exactly what we strive to do.
  • Give you a good welcome
  • Introduce you to your neighbours
  • Let you know about anything going on so you can join in when you can or if you want to
  • Be there if you have any problems or questions.
Thanks again, I look forward to seeing you on another rally soon:thumb: