2013 Autocruise Vans - Large Payload Reductions!!!

Discussion in 'Autocruise CH' started by Minxy Girl, Oct 20, 2012.

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    I have just received a copy of the 2013 Autocruise van conversion brochure (I must have asked for it ages ago!) and have compared the specifications with the 2012 brochure. What has shocked me is that the payload has gone down a lot on all models - ie the MIRO has increased! I decided to 'do the maths' to see just how much had changed in reality, however, as the 2013 model has a larger water tank (100 litres instead of 66 litres), I've added the 90% water tank allowance to the stated payload figures for both 2012 and 2013 models to do a real 'like for like' comparison. For the Accent they come out as:

    2012 Accent
    MIRO = 2987kg
    Adjusted payload = 572.4kg (original figure of 513kg after 90% water tank deduction)

    2013 Accent
    MIRO = 3105kg
    Adjusted payload = 485kg (original figure of 395kg after 90% water tank deduction)

    So, the 2013 Accent has had a massive payload REDUCTION of 87.4kg! To put this in context, our previous Chausson Flash 04 had a payload of 714kg AFTER the 120 litre water tank had been deducted!! This means that if we had been looking to get a new 2013 model now we wouldn't have done so because the payload would be way, way, way too low!

    I've also checked on the Alto that Maggy is getting and (after adjusting for the water tank capacity) the payload has reduced by an even larger amount, down by 108.4kg from 653.4kg to 545kg, still a good payload though fortunately.

    I wonder how many people have 'blind' ordered the 2013 models without having the benefit of knowing the full spec etc and are going to get a nasty shock. I know that the reduced payload in the 2013 Accent would have had serious consequences for us and am very glad I have the 2012 model (would’ve liked the slightly larger fridge though :RollEyes:).

    As for why there are such weight differences between the 2012 and 2013 models, obviously the larger water tank structure itself will take up some of the extra kg; also the windows have been changed to larger ones with an exaggerated external 'cover' to make them squarer; the top cupboards have been made more boxy with increased size and therefore weight I assume; the fridge in some models is larger; and those with a front dinette now have a large swing out section on the table. How this adds up to the massive increase in MIRO though I don’t know. Also, these figures don’t include any extras such as the comfort pack which adds 20kg to the weight.

    So, if anyone has ordered a 2013 model Autocruise Van conversion I suggest they check NOW that the payload will still meet their needs as the large reductions could have serious consequences for some ... better to find out now than when it's been delivered ....
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    Also bear in mind that the MIRO and the actual weight at a weighbridge may differ, perhaps reducing the payload further.

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