2008 Rhine In Flames Festivals

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    Is anyone interested in a rally/meet to see one of the Rhine in Flames festivals in 2008, I have added a link below to one of the web sites which should give you an idea of what its all about and i have also copied a list of the dates in 2007 when the various festivals are held. I don't know if they will be exactly the same time next year but if we are interested we can confirm that ?

    We saw one of teh events a few years ago when we were on a cruise down the Rhine from Basel to Koln and it was really fantastic, its also a very nice area to spend some time ?

    Web Link (or Google Rhine in Flames)


    Dates of festivals 2007
    May 5 - Between Linz and Bonn, more than 2000 Bengal lights, a parade of ships and festivals in each town along the way
    July 7 - Fire Magic night - boat parade between Bingen and Ruedesheim
    August 11 - Europe's largest boat parade between Spay and Koblenz, eight fireworks displays, and miles of decorations.
    September 8 - The Night of a Thousand Fires - Music, festivals and fireworks in the Rhine Gorge in Oberwesel and St. Goar.
    September 15 -Loreley Night - a romantic night under the shadows of the Loreley - food, wine and fireworks make for romance

    Hope we can arrange a rally for next year


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