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Woodside Field is run by Brian and Helen we are a Motorhome Fun 5 van site located a few miles away from M4 Junction 18, perfect for visits to Bristol or Bath. Open April - October

Nestled on the west side of the Cotswold Hills, the site is set in a large open field surrounded by hedges and a small woodland area. We provide only basic facilities, access to a water supply, chemical waste disposal point, a drive over grey water emptying point and free Wi-Fi. Well behaved dogs on leads are...
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We are currently here. A truly outstanding site of an ENORMOUS field with deer roaming around and so far away not to be concerned.
It is within a very short distance of what appears to be a fantastic cycling network of paths which can take you out to the Severn Estuary or along the Avon.
2 pubs within crawling distance but only one open because of CV.
The Elsan point was an absolute pleasure to use. Never seen anything that clean and new.
Hosts are just really really lovely people. Dead simple to book up on the internet, but you do need to read the instructions on how to enter and just spend 2 minutes looking at google images to understand what you need to do. No doubt a video entry will be made in due course.
Chicken, Duck and Goose eggs available if they are laying.
Firepit came out and Gin flowed.
Bath just down the road easily reachable on back roads by e bike or main road on scooter. Several day out sort of places to go to. Arboretums, woods, Historic villages, Bath, Bristol, Estuary and all within an ebike cycle. Numerous lovely bistro type cafes at these places and Chipping Sodbury just down the road and you can cycle through the nature reserve place to get there.
The place is secure and offers free wifi
We now have a new "Go to" place for my days off and we are an hour and half away.
I must say a Big thankyou to Brian and Helen, owners of Woodside Field which made us feel so at ease, amazing hosts so friendly and helpful, we attended our first ever Fun rally, which was a small affair called the Crafty Rally (Arts & Crafts), it was a great way to be introduced to Rallies, The organizer Sugarnan (Sally-Ann) who arranged everything done a great job, The CL itself was a pleasant surprise, what a great CL, a very well organized site, even the elsan point was spotless, will be going back, well done Brian and Helen for a beautiful site.


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