Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon funerary ship
Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon funerary ship

Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon funerary ship

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In 1939 a series of mounds at Sutton Hoo near Woodbridge, in the garden of Edith Pretty were excavated by Basil Brown,suttonhoo.jpg and revealed the remains of an Anglo-Saxon funerary ship and a huge cache of seventh-century royal treasure. After a treasure trove inquest it was decided that it belonged to Edith Pretty, she gave it to the British Museum.
The site is now in the hands of the National Trust and a replica of the ship and various parts of the treasure are in...
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There is a campsite on the approach road .
Woodbridge close by, nice to visit, think all Car Parks pay and display, and mostly only car size places.
Nice walk from Sutton Hoo alongside the River Deben takes you into Woodbridge
Pub close by too

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