Magnum Motorhome and Caravan Supplies

Used magnum for years always a grate service and great range of products
A couple of days ago I realised it would be difficult to access where I want my heating ducting later on, so best to fit it now. No prob, onto eBay - ordered from Magnums.

Then a few hours later I was working on the floor getting it ready for new vinyl when my foot stuck and I fell, damaging my shower tray. Bu**er. Anyway, back onto eBay to find another the same, see it at Magnums so order it.

Not having the shower tray in place was holding me up, so I called Magnums and said I've ordered two items today and paid separate postage on both. Not worried about the extra I've paid, but is there any chance you could expedite the shipping as a little desperate for these. Which they did.

As it happens the courier messed up yesterday and my items didn't arrive. This wasn't Magnums fault and I spoke to the courier yesterday who apologised and said the delivery would be with me today. Fair enough, it happens. I didn't bother Magnums with it and sure enough I've had an update from the courier this morning saying it will be delivered today. All good and a happy customer.

Then this morning I get a call from Magnums. The guy said he had monitored my delivery yesterday and saw it didn't arrive and the courier wasn't 100% sure what had happened. So just to be sure I received it today he had sent it all out again yesterday. He was calling to let me know that I may now receive two deliveries today (which I will, have tracking for both now from courier), to apologise and let me know they would arrange to have the duplicate collected.

I'm a little taken back by how good this service has been. I didn't mention that I'm active on forums or anything like that, I just placed an order and asked for fast shipping if possible. I hadn't called them to chase the order yesterday, I spoke with the courier. This was all off their own back.

So well done Magnum's from a very happy customer :)