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Motorhome insurance
Caravan Guard provides fully comprehensive cover for your motorhome, whether it's a professionally converted van, coachbuilt, A-class, campervan or even an American RV. See below for a full list of discounts available and see how we compare to other insurance specialists.

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Would not quote on me whan I wanted to attend motorhome shows as trade. I only use my van around 8 times a year for business use to attend shows but this is not possible with them.
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On the plus side - they gave me a competitive quote and allowed me to change vans on the policy at no charge.
On the minus side - their Breakdown Cover left a lot to be desired - they used local company who sent a guy out with a jack and a battery boost and wouldn't look at anything else - just ordered recovery. The recovery vehicle struggled to get out Van on (scraped the towbar on the road). When the Dealer we went to was unable to look at the Van in a timely manner I enquire,d about getting recovered to another Garage and they said (probably rightly) I could only be recovered once for the same issue. I asked if I could pay to be recovered and they said no as we were too long.
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Buying a new and for us very expensive A class in Germany. Couldn't find any insurer who would provide cover until it was in UK.
Spoke to Caravan Guard who have been excellent both on phone and email by confirming in writing what was said during lengthy conversations.
Provided up to 14 days of fully comp cover.from Germany to UK and full cover.during the V5 waiting period whilst stored.
I wanted an alarm and tracker from Vanbitz but it wasn't on their approved list. Marketing manager and Vanbitz communicated with each other and the tracker was.promptly added to their list.
No complaints from me only praise and hope I never need to find out if their claim handling service is as good as their presales.
5.00 star(s)
Would you use this company again?
Fraggle 22
Fraggle 22
Always had a competitive quote and therefore I sure with them. Even offered a reduced rate because of lockdown

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Hi Guys. I will be returning to the UK in April after working in Dubai U.A.E. for 20 years. I would like to insure a new Sunlite Cliff 540 xv on my return. Can you please tell me if this will be possible. Thanks, Mike.
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