Alde Accessories

Visited their premises on 14th August 19 to have a fluid change and general system check.
All done very Professionally. Youve only got to look at the way they keep their offices, tidy, clean, organised, to see what you are dealing with. Very friendly and courteous staff, who really looked after us.
We stayed on the forecourt the night before, EHU and water provided. đź‘Ť
Couldnt recommend them enough.
Great service while at their Wellingborough unit for a fluid change and general checkup. A few minor problems resolved at no extra cost. Nice waiting area in the staff canteen with complimentary refreshments and WiFi.
At times when we hear so much negativity when talking about dealers and service providers, my experience today could not have been better

From the first phone contact back in March when I booked a visit, they are (or were) booked up 6 weeks in advance, but well worth the wait if only for a service, I suspect they would drop other work if breakdown or warranty work is needed

They are a delight to deal with, polite and professional all the way through

Our fluids were changed and on investigation of a noisy pump they immediately identified a non Alde pump had been fitted, possibly by Hymer from new, or by the supplying dealer or previous owner, an impellor pump compared to what they fit and I can't now recall what type he said, but it is silent

They explained everything very well including the new touch screen controller which I had acquired and they fitted effectively for free

Top marks all round, I would suggest overnighting so they can start early, avoids issues if work over runs (as mine did :whistle:) a caravan had to wait for mine to be finished

Security has ben upped, locked barrier which they give code for when you arrive by ringing the service manager if arriving out of hours

Hook up and tap available for free
Once had a caravan with the Alde heating and it never faulted, however we bought a motor-home with the Alde and had several problems, luckily covered by warranty. We were troubled to find that Alde no longer offer support for the 3000 system, no advice, help or spares!!! Thankfully they did offer a contact number for an ex employee of theirs who still does offer backup, Graham Cuttmore in Northampton who is available on 07702 057627. I found him very helpful. If you have any problems I can recommend him.

Now on our second van with Alde heating and would not willingly go back to anything else (can't say "never" because you never know what is around the corner.

Can't comment much about the company because nothing has ever gone wrong with the system so never had to interact with them.
Went there with what I thought was air in system. They replaced boiler under warranty, put 5 year fluid glycol and added drain points, all free of charge.
Hook up and water available. Quiet, clean and well lit.
Their product knowledge and customer care are second to none.
I have no hesitation in recommending this company!
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