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Alde AB was founded in 1949 by the Swede, Alde Rask, manufacturing systems for cars and tractors. Over a decade the company would become more focused on caravans and boats. The company's first central heating system was developed in 1966 and offered for export in 1969.

In 1986, senior management led by Bo Griwell reorganised the company, creating a new Paneuropean structure with independent companies acting as agents abroad. Alde International Systems AB in Sweden, and Alde International...
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I have an Alde fitted in my 'new to me' van, I initially found the instructions for use a bit confusing. However at Peterborough show they had a stand and I asked the representative about my Alde heating unit. He could not have been more helpful, spending considerable time going over all the functions and controls until he was satisfied I fully understood everything.
The system is excellent, I understand it and it works brilliantly. Thanks Alde
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Visited their premises on 14th August 19 to have a fluid change and general system check.
All done very Professionally. Youve only got to look at the way they keep their offices, tidy, clean, organised, to see what you are dealing with. Very friendly and courteous staff, who really looked after us.
We stayed on the forecourt the night before, EHU and water provided. ?
Couldnt recommend them enough.
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Great service while at their Wellingborough unit for a fluid change and general checkup. A few minor problems resolved at no extra cost. Nice waiting area in the staff canteen with complimentary refreshments and WiFi.
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