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Well, it’s that time of year again, time to get the wallet/cheque book/loan shark(delete as applicable)
Insuring 3 vehicles has always been a chore, searching the web, different times of the year,blah blah etc etc. So this year, I hit on the idea of getting all the vehicles covered at the same time, or as near as damn it.... thinking this wouldn’t be a problem as they all fell within 30 days of each other...
Last year AIB provided cover for all of them, and having used them on a couple of occasions for a claim, I knew that they were an excellent broker to deal with. (Prices for all 3 last year was as follows)
VW Touareg £500
VW Eos £300
Rapido 7065ff £340 with Aviva
Having charged up the iPad, the web search began.
Comfort 1st for the Rapido came in @ £301 or £370 with euro breakdown...underwritten by Aviva ?
So I then went to LV for a multi car quote...
VW Touareg @ £460
VW Eos £200
Rapido ..... please call,,,,,which I did, explaining that I’d already got a quote for the 2 cars. How wrong I was thinking that with having all 3 vehicles under one roof,I was going to have a result.....
They wanted nearly £600 for the Moho with no breakdown....over £1300 for all 3..
So, back to AIB, spoke to Leah, told her my needs etc, asking for full uk and Europe breakdown cover for the Rapido
She said she would call me back in a short while, which she did.
Quoting a total of £965 for all 3+£75 for 12 months uk/Europe. Camper with Aviva and the two cars with Marker study. And all 3 vehicles covered within 3 weeks of each other.
Payed the lady there and then, resulting in one happy Yorkshire man. ?
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