Radio DIN mounting sleeve V3

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My 2020 Geist i585 came from the factory with a Zenec radio, which I wasn't particularly happy with and wanted to replace it with something that had Android Auto. When I pulled out the Zenec, I discovered that it had a custom mounting sleeve that bolted into the dash, and the DIN mounting points had been sawn off. So I designed a 3d printed sleeve/cradle that uses the mounting points to hold my Sony radio.

Attached (hopefully) are the designs in Fusion360 and the STL.

  • Although this works, it's a pain to get the upper screws in. You pretty much have to put them in blind and uphill, it's very fiddly! If I were to try again, I'd try to come up with another design. Maybe a two-piece where the upper ears are screwed in first? Or maybe a complete re-think so the normal DIN folded metal sleeve fits inside a 3d printed cradle? Just use this design to get the lugs at appropriate positions.
  • Also, this design works with a Sony XAV-AX8050D, which is single DIN (with a 9" screen proud of the dash). It'll probably work with other Sony XAVs because their body only occupies the upper slot. It might also work with double DINs that are very shallow. Longer bodies might mean you'll not be able to slide it in at the appropriate angle so the lugs clear the dash.
  • Don't print it in PLA. It'll get too hot under the dash and go soft. I used PETG. But make sure you have good layer adhesion or the lugs will shear.
  • I bough a Connects2 CT24FT37 fascia surround (single DIN!). It doesn't interfere with this cradle. But it doesn't seem to work will with my Ducato dash. I had to do quite a lot of Dremelling and it's stuck on with double sided acrylic foam tape because the clips just go into fresh air. It's solid though and looks good.
  • I printed in the following orientation. It minimised the amount of supports required. It did make the top lugs a bit weak though.

I've used it for about 2000 miles so far and it's been rock solid.