For sale Hymer T678 CL

Name or Number
T 678 CL
Registration Year
Type of Motorhome
C Class Coachbuilt No Over-cab Bed
No of Berths
Steering Position
Right Hand Drive
  1. Fixed Bed
  2. Front Lounge
  3. Mid Kitchen
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Base Vehicle
Fiat Ducato
7.49m L 2.35m W 2.90m H
Fuel Type
Manual Gears
Engine Size
Plated Weight
We are selling our June 2017 3 berth Hymer T678 CL which has covered 12500 miles. It has had regular servicing as per schedule and habitation and damp checks as per the Hymer warranty. The most recent service has been carried out at our local Fiat Professional Dealer last month together with its first MOT. This month it has been down to Heart of England Motorhomes for its Hymer Warranty Damp Check and Habitation Check. My reason for having these most recent servicing and checks done was I wanted to ensure whoever purchases our Hymer can be assured that our vehicle is in 100% condition. During our ownership we have ensured that all the requirements in the Hymer manual have been complied with and all the paperwork for servicing etc is available for inspection.

We purchased a Hymer because of its reputation and build quality. Along with the extras we have added our travels around the UK and Europe have been trouble free and really comfortable. Any additions fitted have been installed by companies with excellent reputations. I thoroughly research any work I have done beforehand and am always very particular regarding the standard of that work. I have tried to supply as much information as possible below but if you require any further clarification on any points please let me know that is of course if you have a genuine interest in considering purchasing her.

Our reason for selling is due to personal circumstances and a wish to downsize to a camper type van. We do realise that this may be to the cost of the comfort and space we have enjoyed in our travels.

The Standard Stuff.

Chassis …… Fiat Alko Maxi

Length…….. 7.49mts

Width……… 2.35mts

Height ……..2.90mts

GVW ……… In standard form 3500kg giving a payload of 500kg (payload is roughly what your vehicle can carry over what the motorhome weighs in basic format) With this Motorhome you have the flexibility of increasing its GVW to 3850kg (roughly increasing its payload to 850kg). This is a purely paper exercise and we increased the GVW to 3850kg to give us greater flexibility on what we carried. If required the same simple process allows you to return it to 3500kg.

Engine …… Fiat 2.3 130bhp (Euro 6). I keep a record of MPG and it averages between 30/32 mpg.

Cruise Control, Cab Air Conditioning, Hill Descent, Traction Control

Travel Seats ……. Four

Three Berth ……… The permanent over garage rear beds are longitudinal so no need to climb over each other of a night and these can be made up as two singles or a very large double. The third bed is made up by lowering the table in the lounge.

The habitation section of the motorhome has masses of cupboard storage which we have never managed to fill even when away for a couple of months.

There is also a huge garage which is heated and has an additional 12v and 240v socket.

Truma Combi 6 Heating and Hot Water System……. This works off Gas or 240v or a combination of both. This system is really efficient having used it in winter in temp below freezing. This is probably helped by the excellent thermal insulation that Hymer put into their design.

Separate Toilet/Washroom and Shower Room ……… The Shower Room is heated with roof ventilation so ideal for drying off jackets on a wet day.

Tech Tower Gas Oven and Grill.

150lt Fridge/Freezer……… This works on 12v, gas, or 240v. If the control is left in the auto position it will decide on what source of energy to use or you can control this yourself.

Fully winterised with all water tanks insulated/inboard.

Status TV Aerial.

DAB Radio ………. This has speakers throughout the motorhome and was upgraded last year. It also has a hands free facility controlled from the steering wheel.

The Extra Stuff.

Autowatch KIT6 CANBUS Motorhome CAT1 Alarm System with Wireless Door Switches. ……….. Fitted by Rhino Installs.

Tow Bar with 13pin Socket ……. Fitted by Travelworld which I use for my bicycle carrier.

Reversing Camera and Rear View Camera …… Fitted by Travelworld.

Additional USB Sockets.

150w Solar Panel with Votronic MPP 165 Solar Regulator and two Yuasa L36 EFB 100 AH Batteries. …….. This was spec for me by the late Alan Evans of A and N Caravans who probably knew more about Solar and Battery Technology than most. It has proved an absolutely great system allowing us to spend many days off grid on our travels.

Gas It Refillable LPG Gas System with External Filler. …….. Two 11kg Gas Cylinders with mechanical gas level option.

Motorhome Wi Fi 4G & E5372 Router and Roof Antenna. With our EE Sim has allowed us to stream movies and TV whilst away and given us a 4G signal in just about everywhere we have travelled. We have had a signal on this system when we have not managed to get a signal on our mobile phone. Works much better than a conventional Hot Spot. …………….. Fitted by Rhino Installs.

External BBQ Point ……… Fitted by Rhino Installs.

Spare Wheel and Tyre ……… Rather surprised but Hymer do not supply one.

Our Hymer is in excellent condition and has been really well cared for. There is a small amount of movement on the price but please no silly offers. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks John.
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Hello John, that's a lovely and well kitted motor home. Do you know the the height opening of the garage door? I'm looking for a garage that's able to take a small motorcycle, [ Honda Wave i110] the minimum clear opening is about 110cm.
Hi Mike thanks the garage opening is 114cm high and 109cm wide. If you require any further info let me know Regards John
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Good evening John,
Looks lovely - is it still for sale and if so where in the country are you?
North Wales.
My wife's right, I'm an idiot.
But is it still for sale?
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Alan Kerr,

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