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Discussion in 'Tech/Mech General' started by chriscoate, Jul 15, 2010.

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    Jul 13, 2010
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    Hello, I hope you can help with this issue.

    Used to have a Bolero 630EK with a fitted Reverse Polarity checker/switcher unit which worked very well.
    We now have a 2010 Bolero 680FB which has a reverse polarity indicator built in to the Sergeant (I think) Electrics Control Panel.
    We have just returned from a trip to Europe and came across a reverse
    polarity situation twice while we were away, once in Germany and once in
    In anticipation of this possibility, prior to departure I made up my own
    reverse polarity connector (male/female 3 pin blue/white standard sockets)
    with the live/neutral pin connections reversed.
    At the German site (standard 3-pin socket), the RP red light came on so I
    disconncted the supply, added the RP connector in line, re-connected the
    supply and the red RP light went out.
    At the Dutch site (Continental 2-pin + recessed earth pin socket so our
    standard Continental adaptor was used), the RP red light came on so I
    disconncted the supply, added the RP connector in line, re-connected the
    supply and the red RP light stayed on.
    Does anyone know why the red RP indicator still stayed on?
    Was there any other kit required to turn off the red RP light or would this
    be unavoidable in circumstances such as this?
    There seemed to be no issue with our electrical devices, were they still
    safe to use?
    Are there any other safety precautions we can take when hooking up to
    Continental (or UK) supplies - we always follow the handbok process for
    hook-up and disconnection.
    Chris & Kim
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    YO11 2BD
    have i got this correct ?

    2 pin plug (showing RP) so fit inline RP correction lead which should correct it but didnt.

    is the 2 pin plug/lead/socket 100% definate correctly wired.....have you physically checked ?

    the only thing i can think of is, that also is inadvertantly reversed.

    the only real danger of RP is the neutral wire will be switched on and off at a light switch...not the live wire..neutral becomes the live wire/live becomes the neutral..leaving the bulb holder live when switched off.
    but as your lights are 12v it wont matter.

    reverse polarity is more a concern to electricians than consumers unless you have 230v equipment that is polarity sensitive (unusual these days)

    europeans use double pole switches and sockets so they aint bothered which is live as both live and neutral are turned off at the switch.
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    Mar 12, 2010
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    South Yorkshire

    I don't have a clue what you are on about :Rofl1: but I know a man who does! My other half Rich is an electrician and he has done something to our stuff when we first go the M/H and made up different connections etc for Europe. I will ask him to have a look at this when he gets in, it will be about 8.30pm ish so will post after that.:thumb:

  4. scotjimland

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    Jul 25, 2007
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    The reverse polarity indicator depends on having a good earth , I suspect that there was no earth or a poor earth on this particular occasion .. so it couldn't indicate correctly,

    I wouldn't lose sleep over it ..
  5. Parcverger

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    Parc Verger - Limousin
    Buy a reverse polarity tester from any decent caravan/motorhome shop - that will show exactly why there is a problem. (Small brag - you could always come to Parc Verger where we guarantee there is no reverse polarity problem!!!)


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