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Can I change my user name?

You may change your username at any time. a record of any name changes you make will be stored in your profile for everyone to see. Follow this link to change your username

How do I book on a Rally?

All rallies are different, but almost all of them will have the details of the event and how to book on it in the first post of that rally’s discussion thread, in the scheduled rallies forum. See this tutorial for how to book a rally.

What is my Membership Number?

That’s an easy one follow this link

How do I pay subs?

See this tutorial about paying your annual subscriptions

Can I change My Email Address?

Changing your email is easy enough but you will have to confirm it once you have done this, see here for details

How do I ask a question on the forum?

Asking a question on the forum is not difficult at all.  If you are unfamiliar with forums then it may take you a little while to find your way around.  However once you have made one post the rest are easy.  Your first post here should always be an introduction.  Here is a tutorial to show you how to do that.

What is your Telephone Number

We don’t have a telephone number but you can contact us here

Where can I find Subscriber Discount Codes?

You’ll find the discount codes here, though you will need to be a subscriber to see them >>Discount Codes<<