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Make Your First Post

If you’ve never used a forum before then posting your first message might be a bit daunting. Please let me reassure you that it is really easy.  We have nearly 4 million posts, if it was hard we would not have so many!

First, never worry about putting your message in the wrong forum section. We are not the type of place that will tell you off about stuff like that. We were all new once and this is one of the friendliest place on the internet. So give it a go, here is how.

Go to the list of forums, these are sub-sections divide topics up, you should see one that you think suits the topic you want to talk about, but if you don’t find one it doesn’t matter.  Just post it in Motorhome Chat. See below

Your first post should be an introduction, so let’s walk you through doing that.

  1. Click On Forums
  2. Then On the “Introduce Yourself’ Forum




If you have any problems at all making your first post please contact us and we will be able to help  Click Here to Contact Us


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