Update on the SFR and the Orange sim top ups in France

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    This is a bit of information if you intend to purchase a dongle and sim for France...
    Top up prices are below
    We feel the SFR seems the better deal....to purchase the SFR Dongle/cle/key + sim the cost was 29.90 euros and this gave you three days unlimited data, and then you needed to top up.

    To top up the SFR data sim there was three options
    option 1 for 1 day you get 100mo (100mb) the cost is 3 euros (around £2.45 )
    0ption 2 for 7 days you get 500mo (500mb) the cost is 9 euros (£7.35)
    Option 3 for 30 days you get 2000 mo (2gb) the cost is 30 euros (£24.49)

    Also while your Pay as you go sim card is active/with credit... it will connect to a SFR free hot spots automatically

    The Orange dongle we already had (left over from our monthly contract) we just purchased the sim.....so I am not sure what the cost is for the dongle.

    The top up for the orange pay as you go is.
    option 1 for 7 days you get 75mo for 5 euro (£4.10)
    option 2 for 15 days you get 150mo the cost is 10 euros (£8.20)
    option 3 for 1 month you get 225mo the cost is 15 euros (£12 30)
    option 4 for 2 months you get 450mo the cost is 25 euros (£20,50) with 5 euros credit :Eeek::Doh:
    option 5 for 3 months you get 675mo the cost is 35 euros (£28.70) with 10 euros credit
    option 6 for 4 months you get 975mo the cost is 50 euros (£41.00) with 15 euros credit
    option 7 for 4 months you get 1.5go (1.5 gb) for 75 euros (£61.00) with 25 euros credit
    option 8 for 5 months you get 2.25go (2.25gb) for 100 euros (£82.00)with 50 euros credit

    Also while your Pay as you go sim card is active/with credit... it will connect to a Orange free hot spots automatically.

    While we where out and about touring, and using the Orange monthly contract...it was very very rare did we find an Orange hot spot and when we did the Orange dongle would not connect as the signal was to weak. So was never ever was able to use the orange free connection:Doh:
    But we could find SFR hotspots everywhere,Mmmm:Doh:....

    We will now use the SFR most of the time, We will most likely purchase the 9 euro top up for 7 days,
    This gives me 500mb every 7 days ... buy ...3 or 4....9 euro top ups at a time... and use them if and when needed, as opposed to the 30 days 2gb deal option….once started you have to use it
    We have just purchased SFR dongle & sim, and we already had the Orange dongle, just purchased the sim....these are pay as you go data dongles with sim.

    At the exchange rate of 1.22 euros to the £1 sterling......also Mo in France are Mb in the UK... and Go are Gb
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