UK Treasure Island or what??

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Humsafer, May 10, 2016.

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    Apr 8, 2015
    Here we are in France setting off to see Pegasus Bridge and Museum from our campsite at Melville Franceville, when we meet the French equivalent of "White Van Man" Big explosion not far fro my wifes left ear and there we were without a nearside wing mirror, whilst white van man disappears down the road in a cloud of dust and black plastic. We stopped but he didn't, however a young French man who witnessed it took his number and brought it to us. Very public spirited of him and we were grateful. Yes before you ask it was one of Peugeot,s long reach jobs with all the bells and whistles. Caravan Club couldn't have been more helpful and offerd us accommodation(refused) a hire car (accepted) and set about sourcing a part from the UK (refused). I sourced through Peugeot assist and had them arrange a garage to fit. In the meantime I went on to the Bailey Parts side to price a mirror ( £533.97 ) I kid you not. And the drivers mirror was even more at £728.96. My French garage turned up and charged me exactly £250 including TVA at 20%. So beware try not to lose those mirrors. By the way I had bought and fitted a pair of mirror protectors in the Uk. Don't waste your money they just add to the plastic dust.
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    I've often wondered how effective mirror protectors are. My drivers mirror housing is cracked after a coming together on the way to Mallaig a couple of years ago. Sorry to hear of your problem but glad you are fixed up, also good to hear of CC insurance working, we use them when abroad.

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