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Discussion in 'Fifth Wheelers' started by Sundowners, Aug 28, 2012.

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    I saw this truck on Lakenheath 'BOOKOO'---It is in UK and legal for UK roads.

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    What is this?

    Red 2006 Dodge dakota w/ new black mamba wheels and new Kumho tires, I also have original OEM wheels w/tires (*Both sets of wheels and tires come with the truck*), I have an aftermarket open air intake that can be easily installed, Currently have the stock air filter system installed, MOT good till June 2013, Road Tax good till December 2012, Grey cloth interior is clean with no tears, Exterior has been waxed at least twice a year since I've owned it. This is a good reliable american spec truck. It has a 6'6" bed and flip down seating in the back. It is a club cab so it has four opening doors. It gets 22 MPG Highway and 16 MPG city. It is one of the more fuel efficient midsize trucks. The kelly blue book pricing is $9300. Open to reasonable offers. This truck can usually be found on RAF Lakenheath in the parking lot across from BLDG 920. It is still in use though. Thanks for your time. All pictures are current as of 28 August 2012. The posted milage is higher than actual because the truck is still in use. I doubt I will drive it enough to bridge the gap between actual milage and advertised milage, but just in case. I also have cargo securing devices that go with the truck. Please contact me via email as I do not have a phone currently.
    Price: $8200ds---

    -but would need import tax paying (if kept in UK)
    Stated MPG would, I imagine be in US gal.
    Nigel & Pamala
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