The Tour de France

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    This year's tour starts in Brest on Saturday 5th July and for the first time since 1967, there will be no prologue to begin the battle.:Smile:

    The Tour finishes in Paris on Sunday 27th July. :Sad:

    If you are touring France in July check the tour route or you could be in
    for some long waits.:Eeek: :cry:

    For those who have not been caught-up in the Le Tour before, the Gendarmes
    close a rolling section of the road some 4 hrs before the riders come
    through, so a long wait if you need to get somewhere.

    For those who have seen it - whether planned or not - it is quite a sight,
    and everything, I mean everything takes a back seat where the Tour comes

    On some of the more popular mountain stages motorhomes are parked up 2/3 days before the tour is due. :Eeek:

    This link will give you the full course details.
    Tour de France 2008 - The Tour 2008

    Safe travelling


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