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    Hello again, I hope someone can tell me what I need to know. On the main electrical switch panel in our camper there is a switch on the far left hand side with a strange symbol on it. It looks like a triangle/arrow pointing left with a vertical line across the point of the triangle and a horizontal line running through the whole thing. I have looked up electrical symbols and the best discription I found was "diode general". This doesent mean anything to me so hopefully somebody knows what it does. When you switch it on it dims the lights a bit so it is drawing power from somewhere. The panel has "caravans international" on it and model NE5. The camper is D reg, left hand drive transit, thought to be a German import.
    Also it has a piece of bottom trim/moulding missing from the outside on the near side (drivers side left hand drive) that covers the waste tank. It has Ci written in the moulding above the rear bumper in the centre. Any ideas where I could find a replacement? Any info would be much appreciated,

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Hi Poncho

    I think you correctly identified as a diode symbol, diodes are used in battery chargers/power supply units, so it may be the charger/power supply, on/off switch..
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    Hi Poncho
    ...have you seen
    Welcome to CI Motorhomes
    there may be a dealer in your locale that may be able to help...

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