Req Advice: Finding best van converter for rear-galley conversion

Oct 6, 2021
Funster No
Hi all,

New poster; looking to change from car owner to campervan owner.

My dream camper-van would probably be a LWB Ford Nugget (~GBP 55k), but I'm trying to limit myself to ~GBP 45k.

The best rear-galley pop-top van conversion with some kind of lavatory available in the night, to my eyes, is the Greenline conversion (~GBP 17k), which I would have done to a new Renault Trafic (~GBP 30k, with most of the bells & whistles).

I'm aware of the rear-galley conversions of CCCampers, Jerba, & Sussex Campervans. Are there any other converters to whom I should give consideration before I commit to Greenline?

Yours faithfully and with thanks,

P.S. To the moderators, thank you for running such a good forum, and please do move this post if I've put it in the wrong place!