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    We have a Bessacarr E495 (where do they get these numbers from?) and are very pleased with it and love the rear u-shaped lounge layout. We use the lounge as the two single beds (we haven't fallen out we just find it more convenient).

    However I did notice that the forward edge of the bench seats/single beds rests on a rather flimsy plastic channel, built for its light weight I presume. Well the inevitable happened, I sat down one day and there was a 'crack' and when I checked the plastic channel had split.

    I am most definitely NOT a DIYer but decided that this fault could be easily rectified and the bench/bed strengthened. I have built in a support frame that is fixed through the front of the panel and also with a couple of internal brackets. I used brass screws with brass cup washers for the visible screws and these seem to look okay (well it does to me) and if you didn't know better it would look like a part of the original fittings.

    • Picture 1 shows a general view with the seat base lifted up.
    • Picture 2 shows the screws as seen from the outside of the panel.
    • Picture 3 shows the inside view showing new rear support. This rests on the floor and is secured in place by two brass screws through the outside panel. The height of the support is the same as the original plastic channel although the perspective in the photograph makes it look higher.
    • Pictures 4 and 5 show the support frame over the compartment door.
    • Final picture shows the whole thing as seen from the top with the seat base up.
    Please excuse my rather amateurish DIY attempts but it is strong and it does the job. I'm sure that anyone could tackle this job if needed. It does seem to be a bit of a weak point in the design.


    bed1.jpg bed2.jpg bed3.jpg bed4.jpg bed5.jpg bed6.jpg
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