Rear mirror revesing camera with sat nav?

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Terry, Feb 3, 2014.

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    Hi all,I am looking for a reversing camera/sat nav for when I get in those tight spots that Ann could watch me into/out of.More for the last few feet :Wink:
    Idea is to fit it to the rear mirror (hence rear mirror reversing camera) and I thought if it's got sat nav built in kills two birds with one stone with the added bonus of looking like a mirror so the shysters may not realize, so not nick it :BigGrin: Plus I would not have to put it away every time I leave van-I saw one on eBay ages back but cannot find them now :Doh: can find them for reversing camera but not sat nav or other way around but not combined.
    As I said I found them ages ago but must be putting in wrong combination of search words for ebay.
    At a push I will fit one of the Truck sat navs that will accept a rear camera,Just though the rear view mirror would be better :thumb:---ANY LINKS FOR EITHER would be handy :thumb:--( don't need a tried and tested one ,although that would be good :thumb: ) I COULD BE THE TEST DUMMY if anyone can find one :Wink:Thanks in advance :thumb:
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    Search "mirror satnav" on eBay - there are a few. The ones I looked at have an input for a camera.
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