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Discussion in 'Burstner' started by hailman, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. hailman


    Nov 4, 2009
    Apparently there is a known issue with these windows fitted to Burstner, and other models, between a certain year range (98 to 09 I think).

    I only came to find this as one of my windows had got misted up when I last washed it, when I investigated I found that the inner pane was delaminating from the outer. Some of the other windows are showing signs of delamination round the edges (there is a cream coloured strip where the two parts are bonded together)

    When I went online to try and find a replacement I came across this site http://www.miriad-products.com/page.php?xPage=productRecall.html and the subsequent check page to see if my vehicle (2005 Delphin 695) came into the affected models, which it does. So I have submitted my details and await contact. In the meantime I have glued the parts back together and refitted the window. They do recommend however, running some sticky tape round the outside edge of the windows to stop any untoward accidents, like bits flying off down the road. :whatthe:

    This is not a free replacement deal, but a `greatly reduced price` deal. If the cost is reasonable and they can send me the windows I could fit them myself.

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