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Hello. At last my long held fantasy of going to the USA, buying an RV and travelling around for a year or so, are in my sights! However, I am a complete novice, only having borrowed my mum and dad's camper van once or twice over the last few years.

:cry:The excitement now is being overcome by the questions. I am planning on flying to Boston, as I have a friend of a friend there. Does anyone have any contacts or recommendations on buying an RV in the States? I will be travelling on my own, but with friends visiting on and off, so was thinking of one with a static bed, and preferably a kitchen at the rear. Have just also been looking at the fifth wheel trailers, and thought that could be another way to go, although that means 2 purchases - the trailer and a pick-up. Will I be able to register a vehicle to my friends address, with only a tourist visa? Will I be able to insure and drive it on only a normal british driving licence? I must sound mad!

I suppose an ideal situation would be to team up with a dealer that I could buy from on the proviso that they will buy it back - to rent is £11,000 for 6 months(!), so I do think buying and selling may be the better way to go - do you?


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Feb 17, 2009
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Sorry, I can't help with any of the questions you've put in your post but if i were you I would be asking one slightly more important question which is:-

"Will I be able to enter the United States' as a tourist and stay for as long as i want ? "

My understanding is that entry to America has recently been tightened up, if you're not entering to work you may have to show acceptable means of support, ie have lots of $$$$$ with you when you go :Cool:

I'm sure that won't be a problem for you but it might be as well to make sure.
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Apr 6, 2008
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Its a good time to buy over here at the moment,dealers are discounting big time to make a sale.The downside is the exchange rate which has been low for a while now.
I would never trust a salesman that says they will buy back at the end of the trip.
As for selling at the end of the trip that would need a lot of thinking about because at the moment not much is selling unless you are willing to lose a lot of money

You can insure and drive it on your British license as i do although we have never stayed longer than 6 months each trip ,not sure if you will need to get a USA licence after that for legal reasons .

What size RV are you thinking of A B or C class.or how long 5th Wheel and how much do you intend to spend.

A class you will need a car to travel from campsites if you intend to do a lot of sightseeing

B and C class you can get into carparks etc so you could get away without a car

5th Wheel gives you the truck to go sightseeing

The visa situation is quite simple if you have a visitors visa you can stay for 6 months,after thay you can apply for an extension to immigration or do as most others have been doing ,take a trip into Canada for a few months and get another 6 months when you return.Those that have done that are best to advise

As for registering it at your friends address i cannot answer as most of us over here have a Montana LLC address and register through that.

I can give you a contact at a Florida dealership where you also get a free campground membership which gives you free camping (ish) that could save you a bundle

Ian @ Doreen
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