Making vertical-backed seats more comfortable

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    Due to an abundance of small people to house, my MH has a layout where the only seating in the back is a double dinette and a single dinette - no comfy "sofas" for us, and the cab seats don't swivel.

    The single dinette has low backed seats and is fairly comfortable, but they aren't travel seats and it becomes the bed for our youngest at night.

    The double dinette is also the travel seats. The seats are all high backed with headrests, and the backs are almost completely vertical - and hence very uncomfortable to sit in for a long period of time for us adults. The kids, luckily, find them OK as they have to sit in them for travelling.

    Beyond using lots of scatter cushions, has anyone made any adaptations to make these type of seats more comfortable? It seems to be a very common design, we can't be the only ones who find them uncomfortable! I guess the designers have the challenge of also making the cushions form a comfortable bed, which for most people means flat, hence heavily shaped cushions are out. In our case, we don't use this dinette as a bed so that's not a problem.

    Some sort of wedge behind the back cushion would seem to be the easiest solution, although it will make the seat base a bit short front to back. The seat base foam is a bit soft as well, I can get that changed if need be.
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    hubby put some loose plywood under the seat cushions which we pull out to extend the base seat cushion area further forwards, we then pull out the cushions a bit which gives you more area to 'slouch', when backed up with cushions seems to work quite well.
    Bit hard to explain..............
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    I find them uncomfortable for long periods as well. We do have swivel seats and tend to use them or the side seat which is very comfy. I found a cushion roll in the small of the back and a foot rest helped a lot :)
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    Try making some wedges of plywood about 10 ins long 4 ins wide to nothing and put some small hinges on so they fold back out of the way when not required -just gives the seat backs some slope / comfort
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    If your children sleep on these seats then treat them to a memory foam or conventional foam mattress topper each , using a single one cut up for example.

    During the day put a colourful throw on the seat and roll each if the mattress toppers ( with their sleeping bag or duvet ?) lengthways, like a long sausage into the throw. A couple of tapes or elastics will help stop it all unrolling and the loose edges of the throw can be tucked in to the centre of the roll.

    Put the sausage along the back of the seat where it will act as backrest, free up storage space where you stored bedclothes and make your children's bed more comfortable.


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