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    For those visiting France: You might be interested in this British owned and run campsite. It is near Airvault (the birthplace of Voltaire) south of Saumur and is owned by a great British couple. In addition to being a great site it has a large secure compound where many Brits store there caravans and RVs catching the cheap flights via Ryanair or the ferries in a car only.

    We know it because live a few miles away and joined them for some French lessons last year. For more information follow this link.

    Camping de Courte Vallee, caravanning and campsite in Southern Loire, France
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    Cheshire (ex Mancunian)
    Good link Mike
    one to remember for the future :thumb:
  3. RockieRV

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    This looks really good - one to keep in mind, maybe for a meet?
    I like the fact that you can access things on foot....... :Wink:
  4. 2escapees

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    I am sure if a few of you went that they would lay on a few things especially in the low season. Just email Johanna or Alistair at the site.
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    Sounds like a good site to keep in mind for when we go over to France . . I don't suppose there's any "discount" for MotorhomeFun members ??? :Wink:
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    looks nice but the price!!! :Eeek:

    Compared to Rockie RV's April site it's expensive

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