Kountrylite 5er

Discussion in 'Fifth Wheelers' started by Jackomet, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Jackomet

    Jackomet Funster

    Nov 10, 2008
    Forest Row, East Sussex, UK
    Anybody have a mains wiring diagram for above. I'm trying to eliminate/circumvent the 110v/240v transformer. I've emailed Calder in the past, Eurocruiser (new dealers) and Allen Campers, the manufacturer in the USA. so far zip.
    The reason is that the tranny sucks amps just charging a toothbrush and electric is getting expensive, can live without the A/C and microwave in the winter here.
    I've tried 240v into the CU via disconnecting its 240v input to the CU via the tranny, but the output appears to go back into the tranny and therefore it may need to be in circuit. Switch/relay? Because although there is 240v output from the CU, nothing at sockets. Trouble is, without taking out the electric fire and some panels out, access is only by a 20cm x 20cm cable entry locker and difficult to see what's what.
    I'm in Spain at the moment and don't fancy ripping bits out just yet.
    (BTW I am/was a qualified Electrician)
  2. gus-lopez

    gus-lopez Funster

    Aug 18, 2014
    I'd have thought it was similar to an rv & surprised none of the Rv owners/ex owners have posted . Might not have seen it

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