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Apr 24, 2018
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As we continue with our travels in France, looking for a business to buy, I thought I’d share a funny story about something that happened today…

Normally, we stay on free aires, keeping the true wild camping to a minimum these days, however yesterday we quietly camped on a farm track in a field, we had parked there to have a a bit of an explore of an area immediately around a campsite we were interested in.

All was fine overnight, however just before lunch the following day, and just before we were about to move on, we saw some slightly battered french car pull up behind us. Two ‘likely lads’ hopped out and knocked. Bea, who is French asked what they wanted and one drunkenly declared that it was his land and we were camped on it…

With the camper wearing UK plates, I don’t think they were prepared for suspicious and rapid fire questions in French from a somewhat perturbed French lady, as the quieter of the two started giggling and then the first one, clearly blind drunk, started laughing too.

Both admitted they were joking and the really drunk one (in the photo with the builders arse) clearly thought it a super wheeze to rattle ‘les Anglais’ when they spotted the camper in passing. Anyway, they jumped back in their motor and rapidly reversed back up the track and onto the ‘petite route communale’ or gravel surfaced byeway that the farm track led off.

Perhaps the drunk one shouldn’t have been the one reversing, as he misjudged his turn back onto the byeway and promptly went sideways into the deep drainage ditch on the other side of the road.

We watched in amusement as they tried to extricate themselves for a time, before they had to sheepishly come back to us to ask for help to get the car out of the ditch….

So, once I persuaded him it wasn’t a good idea to tie his tow rope around his suspension strut, I pulled the battered car out of the ditch with the camper, unfortunately dragging it along the side of the ditch a little bit first - then off they trundled, with the drunken one again behind the wheel, a little petulantly refusing to allow his somewhat less drunk brother to drive his by now very battered car.

Perhaps the outcome was a little harsh, but it was the best case of instant Karma I’ve ever seen…. :)

2ED38C6B-E7DF-4323-9BD1-37D65A6243CF.jpeg C50A62B0-8013-4E06-AFF6-7ABA4C0DB707.jpeg
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Apr 25, 2010
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quite a few years now, and loving every minute..
love it, i know i shouldn't have laughed.......but i did..

oh, and good luck with finding the business thats right for you, you've earned good karma points getting them out of trouble..

Sep 7, 2010
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Had good karma go-round a few years ago in a French campsite set amongst pines.

Chap (french) opposite kept sweeping up his pine needles then dumping them on my pitch.
When I asked why, he said they were a fire risk.
He was a little upset when I asked him to stop as I didn't particularly want a fire either.
English lady neighbour of his took his side and when an Italian van arrived she berated me as a very rude Englishman.

However, said Italian reversed back to get into his pitch and promptly dented all down the side of her car.

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