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    Jul 29, 2012
    I definitely need some help and advice from our members.
    As I posted back in December someone ploughed into our Hymer taking the offside front wheels steering, drive shaft, panels etc. out. Also the driver's and habitation doors require force to open/close them. I have been advised to have the motorhome put on a jig to check if the chassis has been twisted
    Their insurance company [Admiral] have accepted responsibility, however, after 2 independent assessors have examined the car they cannot find anybody who can Hymer back so I can repair it.
    I have rejected their kite flying.
    Would I reasonable be able to tell my solicitors to go to court for the full price I paid, especially as it was with us for only 3 weeks. It is an 07 - 654 which cost me £47k from a local dealers. Or am I being too premature? Any other ideas?
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    Nov 25, 2013
    I assume you are claiming as a third party from what you say. From your description this is a severe impact and for fear of repercussions
    Admiral would be unwilling to authorise any repairs. In third party claims it is quite normal for the Insurer to make a cash offer for the MH with you retaining the Salvage. May I ask why your have not claimed on you own insurance as the 1st Party, your Insurers would then make a decision as to the MH being repairable of not. If Admiral are the Third party Insurer they are responsible for you uninsured losses which could include the hire of a replacement until yours is repaired assuming you have travel commitments for which you require the MH. Failing that you might make a claim for loss of amenity for your MH. Any other costs (recovery and storage of the MH) legal costs will also be the responsibility of Admiral. When Admiral reimburses your costs your Insurer will recover their costs from Admiral.
    Your NCB should not be affected. Claims on Motorhomes are notoriously difficult to deal with for the insurer because they are such a specialised sector and values are very difficult to agree.

    Good Luck
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    Aug 20, 2007
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    When our van was smashed we claimed through our insurance company, providing them with the insurance details of the other parties, and they dealt with everything.

    Our insurance company arranged for the van to be taken to Teesside Caravans, where the habitation damage was assessed, and they arranged for a local reputable accident damage company to assess the base vehicle damage. Our insurance company offered an acceptable cash settlement for write off (we received the cheque 6 weeks to the day of the first collision despite Christmas and New Year holidays in between), which they claimed back from the other insurers with no NCB impact.

    The van went to a vehicle salvage company and we assumed that was the end of it. We have since discovered, though, that it was repaired and put back on the road - but that was nothing to do with us.

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