How Safe are LED Bulbs

Discussion in 'Tech/Mech General' started by Landy lover, Dec 24, 2009.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Might sound a daft question but I was sat down looking at the forums and about to go outside and brave the cold for 5 minutes and an article caught my eye and while I was reading it the light over the table ( new LED's I bought at Lincoln show in Sept ) flickered then clouds of acrid black smoke filled the 5'er then I quickly turned the light off and opened the window stripped the bulb out. Fortunately this was all over in a few second but if I had gone out for 5 minutes it could have been a major disaster.

    Ordinary bulbs blow and go out - has any one else had an LED do this ??

    All the others I bought are OK

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  2. veletron


    Aug 27, 2008
    Stirling, Scotland

    There's a massive variation in quality for LED lamps. I bought a G4 for the house which is utter junk - gets red hot and smells! Its gone in the bin.

    I've have others MR11's (GU4's) mini 12V dichrorics, from the same seller which have proven to be excellent:

    I've also got G4's that I am very pleased with - they have been in service in the van for over a year - these came from ebay too, but I cant remember the seller/item details.

    Be carefull what you buy - there's some utter cr@p on ebay.

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