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We spent six weeks last October in France and it was nice and quiet nearly everywhere we went, most people we met were heading for Spain. This year we are in Spain and have been told that this is the place to come for the winter and campsites get very busy. We have never booked anywhere, we always just turn up and hope we can find a big enough pitch (we have a 33ft RV).

Is this true, as we travel around will we struggle to find campsites that are not full and should we book?

It always seems to me that there are lots of campsites everywhere we go and although we are restricted with our size, so far we have never had a problem but we have never been in Spain for winter, so will we notice a difference. :whatthe:



Jul 25, 2007
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Is this true, as we travel around will we struggle to find campsites that are not full and should we book?

I would advise to book, in southern Spain the popular sites are generally full by December..
We struggled last year in to find sites with big pitches and with vacancies in October but were lucky to find
The longer you stay the cheaper it gets up to a max of 65% discount for 3 months.


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Aug 22, 2007
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The coastal sites are the problem particularly around Benidorm/Alicante and further South down to Cartagena the round to Malaga. They have also become, to my mind, unpleasantly overcrowded as more and more sites have closed for building developments. On the western side say Tarifa you will have better luck. Inland it's much easier. We never booked a site with our 33-foot RV and car and would spend 3-4 months in Spain touring around. There are some wonderful places to visit away from the coast - even the cities are fantastic, Segovia, Toledo, Sevilla, Cadiz, Salamanca and Cordoba. The wildlife is amazing in some areas - Plasencia for example. The Picos de Europa in the North around Potes provide amazing scenery (and some damp weather if your unlucky). But if you want sea, sand and ......................... sangria then you'll be sharing it with your very close neighbours.

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