Fridge not lighting on gas ((Continued))

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by jenny and mitch, Mar 12, 2012.

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    Hi folks. Sorry if I am boring anyone, but all knowledge is valid, so here goes.
    After persevering with testing the basics, I called a man who can "do dometics" . He Confirmed my findings of NO GAS. After removing the gas feed pipe to the solenoid and blowing an air line into it found it blocked with what looked like a chunk of soil ! ! ! He then found the small feed pipe to the pilot light blocked and again, blew it through with his airline.. STILL no gas. He then removed the 2 phase solenoid that allows the gas to be delivered and that too was blocked, so he gently blew that clear with his mouth (( the airline would damage it )) and reassembled it all and BINGO.... £35 call out and £30 labour, including a gas pressure test and certificate... If anyone is interested I have his name and contact details... I am relieved and reassured that when we head off on our travels, we can keep the wine chilled.. My thanks to Haganap, Jim, Terry and the other funsters who volunteered their help and support.. PS.... Dometic ((who he works on behalf of)) WILL honour the guarantee, for any faults caused by mechanical / electric failure, but NOT for dirt or blockages etc.. Hence the charge... Thanks again folks... Mitch..
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