Fife coastal road and beaches was great however

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  1. geo glasgow

    geo glasgow

    Feb 2, 2014
    this weekened was great ,However i dont get on with my Motorhome,
    The fibreglass dosnt like me :cry:
    heres some wee fotos

    dont get me wrong its a great coast line and award winning beaches,,
    but there was this big bus that pumped its horn while i was getting my wee lassie an ice lolly, i say wee but shes 21 but looks 12 a bit like me 51 but looks 21..:winky:so i ran out the shop jumped in the van and bang,
    WTF , some guy had put a bollard the size of a garden gnome at the pavment i parked at cracked a small part of my side skirt thats next to the nearside front door the stupid bit that sticks out what a bad invention.:Doh:
    anyway the white tapes back on that part and again il get it all together one day make it all as new,, had a wee 2 min sulk to ma self, the usual "wtf am i doing driving this i could have got 30 holidays abroad for this money" then i look at the fun in the 6 months i have had it:thumb:
    anyway back to the Fife road , great worth a try im going back up this Easter to many good areas still to see,, probs is theres not many wild camping areas around Fife coast.. ..
    stopped of Thursday night at my Brothers carpark in Scone perth, Kinnears Inn ,worth a call first before you turn up big probably for 4 campers and the rest for his customers. then over to St Andrews Friday night, , parked up in a back side street with 3 other smaller campers .once the blinds are closed no one knows your in:winky:.
    saturday daytime Anstruther and saturday afternoon till night was Elie great beaches and the weather was great,:thumb:
    We didnt even need the heating on at night ,
    Anyway if theres any funsters up there next wekend give us a shout,,
    Ps watch oot for those wee pesky bollards,, the wee shites,,,,,:Eeek:

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    Sep 10, 2013
    Chelmsford Essex
    Did you bump into that No.1 Sh*te Gordon Brown Mp for fife who F*cked up the UK economy and is still drawing a £65k salary even though he is usually ashamed showing his ugly mug at Westminster?
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