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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by gazz, May 15, 2010.

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    no, not a chastity devise :)

    just fitted a fiamma carry bike jobbie, i need to remove it when i park up at home as i have to reverse right upto a hedge, and with the bike rack in the back i cant get back enough.

    at the moment i just undoo the 10mm nuts on the bottom fixings and pop it off the top clips, but obviousely anyone with a 10mm spanner, or pair of pliers can do the same, and i remember many years ago at the peterborough show, just such a thing happened, a gang of thieves went round loads of vans nicking the bikes on the back by taking the whole rack off.

    so i was thinking i'd get a couple of those red locking knobs i've seen for the racks, or i think they are for the racks, they are deffo used on the ladder security kits,

    but searching fiamma spares sites, i cant find the buggers, anyone know what they are actually called, or have a part number or something??

    or even better, someone who has a couple they no longer need???
    or if anyone knows of anything similar, i expect with them being fiamma they'll have a silly price, wondering if there are other applications that use a hand wheel type knob, with a key lock to disconnect the nut inside from turning,

    i'm guessing they are M6 bolts, as mate usually takes a 13mm spanner,
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    You need a carry bike lock pro, £7-99p now discontinued but we have two in stock so give us a ring as they are not on the website.


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