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  1. bobcat

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    Sep 27, 2007
    any eura mobil owners on here having same problems as i am with paintwork on side skirts and rear light panels. I am trying to find the code for base paint,but so far have had no success. Hoping some owner on here has had similar problem and would know the code. I have emailed Eura Mobil in germany,but so far have had no reply from them.
  2. Chudders


    Jan 17, 2009
    Newquay, Cornwall
    I have a EM and have had to repair/re paint some of the paintwork.
    The rear of the motorhome light clusters etc got damaged so I had to repair the damaged quarter panel and then got both quarter panels re sparayed as well as the centre section. I let the garage get as close as possible to the original but they coudn,t do an exact match, hence respray the lot. Did not want one side to look slightly different. Cost about £150.
    If you are also referring to dark grey/black parts on the lower sides, I have re sprayed part of one of these areas after it faded. The colour I found the nearest match was Rover Hurrican Grey. (Pretty well exact.)
    If its the lower skirts I coud,nt get anything to match. It has a slight greeny tinge on mine so I used the colour above in the small area needed and 'blended' it in. .

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