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Discussion in 'East NEUK Motorhomes' started by NevynD, May 23, 2008.

  1. NevynD


    Feb 7, 2008
    Does anyone have one of these, or has anyone had a good look around one? I am seriously considering putting an order in for one, as it looks about perfect for my needs, but I would love to hear what experience people have of dealing with ENC. I know there would be a lead time on it, and it would have to last me years, so want to make sure I get the right van long term.

    Any one help?? :Cool:
  2. Roadman

    Roadman Funster

    Mar 24, 2013
    ENC Fifer Touring

    Hi NevynD
    I have recently purchased a Fifer Touring SE, I was lucky enough to grab this one as it came up used through ENC.:Smile:
    We had been looking for some time at the various different layouts, and bought a cheap van to try it out.
    When we saw the Fifer at last year's NEC show, we felt that this was the one for us. Everything works for us, the layout is right. Obviously everything is a compromise, but we felt this was the best layout for us.

    The build quality is very good, all joints are made properly and the cable and pipe runs are sheathed and insulated as necessary. All materials seem to be of a good quality and the workmanship is of a high standard.
    The approach of having a 12v fridge with a monster battery, supplemented by a solar panel seems to work well. We have had no problems with power. The water heater and space heater is Webasto so works well. The only thing powered by gas is the hob/grill which means that your gas bottles last ages.
    The fridge needs little servicing as it hasn't all the problems of a three way fridge, and the Webasto heater also need little doing to it, just check to ensure the header tank is topped up. So all in all habitation servicing is minimal.
    We didn't have any problems dealing with ENC, both Dave and Darren are very helpful and know their stuff. They do take the approach that the price you see is the price you pay, but the price is competitive and you do get a quality product, IMO.
    Yes there is a long lead time at the moment as their order books are fairly full, another good sign.
    We are very pleased with our Fifer, I hope this helps your decision, good luck:thumb:

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